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Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Shashank Agarwal


hi......i want to download movie from free sites ,...can u help me ...

gimana cara hacker facebook orang lain

i want to hack my internet package server. what do i need to hack and my package is up to 1.5 mb/s i want to improve my package can some buddy help me please...

I am not gonna use these skills illegally or anything there is just a hate blog concerning my family and they are leaving some really racist and irrelevant comments about us and i wanna know how I can shut down this blog

i want to open ports in device manager but it is not showing in it
my OS is WINDOWS 8.1

i am not able to find COM1 in windows 8.1 device manager

i want to increase speed of my broadband help me plz

when i right click on mouse and click on new the i am unable to find Microsoft word document.
What is the solution of this problem?


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