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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Install Backtrack on any Android Device

I found this amazing tutorial which will let you install the easy hacking operating system for hacker i.e "BackTrack 5" on an Android Device.

The most important thing was that they installed Backtrack using a VNC option. In this you don't have to change your origina operating system and can access backtrack like an application only. If you know linux you can probably write small script to run the backtrack 5 on your android device.

Description: Backtrack is a very popular linux distribution for penetration testing. It has hundreds of tools for pentesting and hacking. Now a version of backtrack is available for arm processor devices. Normally android based mobile devices uses arm processor so we can install arm version of backtrack on android devices.

This video explains very clearly step by step method of installing process of arm version of backtrack on android devices. Following are the steps and utility for the installation process.

1. Download terminal emulator,android vnc and arm version of backtrack.
2. Extract the content of img file and transfer it in to memory of android devices.
3. Install BusyBox and start it.
4. Open terminal emulator. use "cd" command to get in backtrack directory where extracted content is saved on memory card of device. In this case command is
cd /sdcard/BT5
5. Type "sh bootbt" and we will be in Backtrack.

Do tell us if this tutorial helped you out.



You mentioned Busybox here. So does it require rooted phone ?

yes i would definitely assume that this would require SU access.

What about Kali Linux? Will it works on Apex Android tablet? Mine is 7" tablets. Thanks in advance, Damian


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