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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Browse anonymously with Tor

Anonymity is cool and necessary when you want to hide your identity on the web, especially for hackers.
Well, this is a simple tool for hackers to make Firefox and Ubuntu Anonymous.

To install Tor just download it via apt-get on ubuntu (debian)-

just type-

sudo apt-get install tor

When installed also install "vidalia". This tool manages tor and is GUI.

sudo apt-get install vidalia

Now open vidalia by typing

sudo vidalia

Turn tor on, now you can use this to anonymous connection.

But still this won't make the browsers anonymous for this download a small plugin for firefox.

Just click here to install tor in Firefox (tor not available for other browsers)-

or go here -

Then after the plugin you will see a "red" icon next to address bar. Just click it and "toggle" mode.

The icon will become green, now again check your IP in the browser.

Hack it Easy :-)


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u did but its not working still ? can u give me more clearfication

now we need to download tor browser not tor button/addon for firefox


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