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Monday, August 8, 2011

Listen to latest bollywood songs for free.

While browsing I just landed on an amazing site , This site lets its users listen to latest bollywood songs for free and too for free at no charge at all.

Ganeshane has a huge database of the latest songs and great oldies as well. The interface is nicely designed and lets users browse the site while listening to songs.

The best thing we like about the site is that it has exclusive applications on all three leading smart phones - iPhone, Android and blackberry. So you can create playlists online and then listen them on your phone.

The android and iPhone application for ganeshane are paid. Do tell us if you like the app.

The service has a great potential as they deliver the latest songs and have well managed mobile applications which could definitely cover a huge consumer market.


sir can u tell me how to create an own website or blog so that i can upload latest songs and let people download them for free like download ming etc.....

pleaze reply me sir...

I strongly recommend you having a blog. But i will recommend you to select a different topic than posting "pirated" music as you won't earn from google adsense then.

Now here top upload files u need an account like on or or something like that.

You can create a free blog at or There would be a tutorial at my other tech blog -

See that..... hope this helps...:-)

i have a blog how can i upload songs..........

apply for a free hosting at or get a free "" account.. or a account..

and upload there... you can use the link to share the uploaded files

thanx sir....................

sir can tell me how to hack facebook
password not for bad use my friend had hack my password so i also want to hack his plz can tell me..............


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