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Monday, December 29, 2008

Activate WIndows Vista

A simple trick that let's you use Vista infinitely..

Registry Instructions for SkipRearm

  1. Preliminary experiment, check the activation expiry date with the command: slmgr -xpr
  2. Launch Regedit. Click the Start Orb and write regedit and click on it.
  3. Navigate to this path:
    ** HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SL
  4. Double-click SkipRearm and change the value to 1.
  5. Note: this registry hack does not make any sense on a machine which has already been activated!
  6. Now remember to run the 30 day extension command: slmgr -rearm
  7. Restart the machine. After it reboots, run slmgr -xpr and check the expiry date.
  8. Check the registry setting SkipRearm, slmgr resets the value to zero.

Screen Shot of SkipRearm

Vista Activation Hack - SkipRearm

Friday, December 19, 2008

Samsung's next to adopt Google's Android

Iphone was the talk of the last year, but undoubtedly the year 2009 is destined to be the year of The Android. With Samsung just announcing its next smart phones to have Android. Samsung's smart phone is supposed to be a touch-screen phone much similar to its smart phone - Omnia and Instinct. The phone is going to be a full touchscreen with a few buttons only. We could only wait and watch for the next generation of Google phones.

Monitor your workers with Net Monitor for Employees 3.1.3

Net Monitor for Employees is a program that allows a 'view' of a computer monitor of a remote computer, which is connected to the network. This way you can observe what your employees are doing.Net Monitor for Employees is a tool that lets you observe what your employees are doing in real time.

Download here

Here are some key features of "Net Monitor for Employees":

· Displaying a live picture of a remote computer.
· More remote screens can be displayed in a table.
· A remote screen can be zoomed to an actual size.
· The name of the connected user is displayed.
· When lower bandwidth is required, the refresh interval can be enlarged.
· Automatic connection to a remote computer is optional.
· Settings for the agent are encrypted and password protected.
· Connection to a remote computer is password protected.
· Access to monitoring the console is password protected. If more users use the same computer, different profiles and access passwords can be set.
· More monitoring consoles can be connected to the same remote computer - you can monitor your employees from different locations.
· Agent can run as an NT service (for Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003).
· Agent can run as a process (Windows 95, 98, Me).
· Fast user switching is supported (Windows XP).
· Multi-session environment (Terminal Services) is supported
· Installation and use of the application is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed with a few mouse clicks.
· You have complete control over what remote users are doing.
· Unlike other similar applications, this application provides you with a live picture of the remote computer screens.
· The remote computers? screens are represented in the table with a customizable number of rows as thumbnails.
· Unlike other similar applications, this application can be configured to work in a multi-session environment like Terminal Services, and fast user switching on Windows XP.
· Using this application, you can always see which user is actually logged on to the remote computer.


· P2 - 600Mhz
· 128Mb Ram


· 31 days trial
· Registration dialog

Make your own DirectX 9 games with Construct 0.97.7

Construct is an easy to use development software for both DirectX 9-based games and applications. It includes an event based system for defining how the game or application will behave, in a visual, human-readable way. Optionally, you can also use Python scripting to code your creations. Features include pixel shader effects, physics engine, layering, debugger, 50+ plugins, motion blur and 3D lighting effects.

Construct 0.97.7

Download Now (12.22MB)

Winoptimizer6 - Optimising windows taken to a new level

Ashampoo's Winoptimizer is certainly one of the best software we have ever seen, packed with a huge stock of utilities that let you do a lot more with your windows. The latest sixth version saw its release this Wednesday on Read the full review.

What's new
AntiSpy module: This tool claims to "deactivate potential spy functions." Upon closer inspection, the module really goes after apps and services that send data back to Microsoft. That's ideal for privacy nuts, but sensationalistic if that kind of app behavior doesn't bother you. Either way, you'll be able to manually or automatically configure settings, or can ignore them completely.

Favorites tab: The freshly added tab monitors your five most-used modules alongside a list of statistics tracking your use of the program.

Context Menu Manager: A negligible addition, it nevertheless gives you control over the contents of the context menu, which you see whenever you click the right mouse key.

What's different
Disk Defrag: This updated version of the disk defragmenter runs in the background while your computer idles, and also runs on boot-up to speed Windows' loading time.

Registry Optimizer and Drive Cleaner: Both have received beefier options and back-end algorithm work to speed up the scanning process.

What's coming
One-Click optimizer: The first version 6 update will add a scheduler to the one-click function, where you'll be able to trigger shutdown after the schedule cleanup.

What's wrong
Our biggest gripe is semantic: that the AntiSpy module is misleading--it is not an antispyware tool.

We also recommend reviewing the app's recommendations before accepting them. We wanted to keep several "unnecessary" items around that WinOptimizer was ready to yank.

The verdict
Even if you're not already using WinOptimizer, you'll want to test this generous trial (40 days with registration) for its efficacy and its ability to quickly get you access to deeper Windows settings.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6

Download Now (15.26MB)

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

musicovery - The interactive web radio

Musicovery releases a new feature to its webradio : the «alternative versions» of a song. Around a song of a playlist are displayed alternative versions (live version, acoustic version, remixes, samples or interpretation by other artists). As much as possible the original version or the one deemed as the reference will be proposed.

Essential 5 utililties that your computer must have

Its a list of the 5 most essential utilities that must be present in your PC.

nCleaner - advanced system and application cleaner
Every computer needs care, and care starts with maintenance and cleanup.
Good stuff on nCleaner: Junk finder, Reg Cleaner, Free Space Shredder, Tweak manager, Startup manager and few more.

Note: because nCleaner is an advanced system app, you shouldn’t use it unless you know what you are doing. As an alternative, use cCleaner.

DriverMax - detects, downloads and installs the latest version of your computer’s drivers.
It also backs up all drivers and lets you restore them.

SmartDefrag - Defragmentation is a very important process in keeping your hard drive’s performance at maximum and bring its files together.
SmartDefrag will diagnose and optimize your machine’s hard drive while running quietly in the background.
As a prevention, this defrag app will pause itself down if the CPU raises over 40% .

Lingoes - the little sister of Babylon is a dictionary and translation freeware.
So what’s so special about this app that makes it a “must have” tool?
With Lingoes you can:

Findsound - A search engine to find sounds

Just found this cool service that lets you search any sorts of sound. Below is a partial list. Click on any link below to perform a search, or enter one or more words in the search box above and then click on the Search button.

Animals alligator, baboon, bat, bear, bobcat, buffalo, bullfrog, camel, cat, cheetah, chimpanzee, chinchilla, chipmunk, cougar, cow, coyote, crocodile, deer, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, donkey, elephant, elk, ferret, fox, frog, gibbon, goat, gorilla, grizzly bear, guinea pig, hippo, horse, hyena, jaguar, kitten, lamb, lemur, leopard, lion, llama, marmot, monkey, moose, mouse, orca, panda, panther, pig, polar bear, prairie dog, puppy, rabbit, raccoon, rat, rattlesnake, rhinoceros, rodent, sea lion, seal, sheep, snake, squirrel, sugar glider, tiger, toad, whale, wolf, zebra

Birds blackbird, blue jay, bluebird, bobwhite, budgie, bunting, canary, cardinal, catbird, chick, chickadee, chicken, coot, cowbird, crane, crow, dove, duck, eagle, egret, falcon, finch, flamingo, flicker, flycatcher, goldfinch, goose, grackle, grebe, grosbeak, grouse, gull, hawk, heron, hummingbird, jay, junco, kestrel, killdeer, kingbird, kingfisher, kinglet, kiskadee, kookaburra, lark, laughingthrush, loon, macaw, magpie, mallard, martin, meadowlark, mockingbird, nightingale, nuthatch, oriole, osprey, ovenbird, owl, parrot, parula, peacock, pelican, pheasant, phoebe, pigeon, pipit, quail, raven, redstart, robin, rooster, sandpiper, sapsucker, seagull, shrike, siskin, skua, skylark, snipe, sparrow, starling, swallow, swan, swift, tailorbird, tanager, tern, thrasher, thrush, towhee, turkey, vireo, vulture, warbler, waterthrush, waxwing, whipbird, whippoorwill, woodpecker, wren, yellowthroat, yuhina

Holidays Christmas sleigh bells; Halloween creak, creature, evil laugh, ghost, howl, monster, scream, witch; Independence firecrackers, fireworks; New Year's balloon, party horn, pop cork; Thanksgiving turkey

Household aerosol, beer, blender, blinds, boiling, bottle, bubbles, can, chair, clock, cloth, coffee, cork, crystal, cuckoo clock, dishes, door, door bell, door knob, door slam, drain, drawer, drip, dryer, egg, fan, gate, ice cubes, kettle, keys, latch, lighter, lock, match, oven, phone, pot, pour liquid, radio, razor, scissors, shower, soda, spray, straw, switch, tape, timer, toaster, toilet, toothbrush, toy, trash, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, window, wine, zipper

Insects bee, cicada, cricket, insects, katydid, mosquito, wasp

Mayhem arrow, artillery, attack, battle, bomb, bullet, broken glass, cannon, chains, crash, explosion, fight, fireball, grenade, gun, knife, laser, machine gun, missile, mortar, musket, phaser, pistol, punch, reload, ricochet, rifle, rocket, shock, shot, shotgun, silencer, slap, sword, torpedo, whip

Miscellaneous ambiance, bang, beep, blip, bloop, boing, boop, button, buzz, cartoon noises, chirp, clang, clank, clap, click, clink, crack, creak, crunch, cut, ding, Doppler, drop, electricity, fall, fanfare, flap, growl, hiss, howl, hum, knock, leak, metal, Morse code, noise, pop, rattle, ring, rip, roar, robot, rustle, scrape, scratch, screech, shuffle, sizzle, skid, snap, snip, sparks, splash, splat, spring, squeak, squeal, squish, static, steam, stone, swing, tap, tear, thud, tick, tink, underwater, warble, whine, whoosh, wood

Musical Instruments accordion, agogo, banjo, bass, bass drum, bassoon, bongos, brass, bugle, cabasa, castanets, cello, clarinet, claves, congas, cowbell, cuica, cymbal, didgeridoo, disc scratch, djembe, doundoun, drum loop, drum rimshot, drum roll, drum solo, drumsticks, flute, gong, guiro, guitar, harmonica, harp, harpsichord, high hat, kenkeni, maracas, marimba, metronome, oboe, orchestra, organ, percussion, piano, sangban, saxophone, shaker, sitar, snare drum, strings, synthesizer, tabla, tambourine, timbales, tom tom, triangle, trombone, trumpet, tuning fork, tympani, vibraphone, violin, woodblock, xylophone

Nature cave, earthquake, fire, forest, geyser, jungle, lava, lightning, ocean, rain, storm, stream, surf, swamp, thunder, tornado, water, waterfall, wind

Noisemakers alarm, alert, beeper, bell, buzzer, chime, foghorn, horn, siren, slide whistle, sonar, whistle, wind chimes

Office briefcase, cash register, coins, computer keyboard, computer printer, desk bell, elevator, fax, modem, mouse click, pager, paper, pencil sharpener, phone, projector, stapler, teletype, typewriter

People applause, baby, belch, bite, blow nose, boo, breath, burp, cheer, chew, child, chomp, cough, crowd, cry, drink, eat, fart, footsteps, gargle, gasp, giggle, groan, grunt, gulp, heartbeat, hiccup, kiss, laugh, man, march, moan, scream, shiver, sigh, slurp, sneeze, sniff, snore, spit, vomit, woman, write, yawn, yell

Sports and Recreation arcade, ball, baseball, basketball, billiards, bowling, boxing, camera, cards, dice, fishing, golf, karate, Pac-Man, pinball, ping pong, roller coaster, roulette, scuba, slot machine, tap dance, tennis

Tools axe, broom, chain saw, construction, drill, factory, Geiger counter, generator, grinder, hammer, jackhammer, ladder, lawnmower, machinery, nail, planer, pump, ratchet, saw, shovel, torch, turbine, wrench

TV and Movies Tim Allen, Beavis and Butthead, Bewitched, Bionic Man, Daffy Duck, Flintstones, Elmer Fudd, Godzilla, Jetsons, Jurassic Park, Psycho, Monty Python, Roadrunner, Scooby Doo, Simpsons, Star Trek, Star Wars, Tarzan, Taz, Three Stooges, Tigger, Ace Ventura, Woody Woodpecker, Xena

Vehicles airplane, ambulance, bicycle, boat, brakes, bus, car, car door, collision, dragster, engine, Ferrari, ferry, flyby, helicopter, Jeep, jet, motor, motorcycle, police car, Porsche, race car, ship, spaceship, submarine, subway, tank, tires, tractor, traffic, train, trolley, truck, windshield

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Social bookmark button widget for your blog.

Make it easier for users to write about your post, socialize them or bookmark them. Use this service called Social . Having a social bookmarking button for your blog can help you gain more exposure to your site if reeaders finds your article interesting and shares it with his or her friends on social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, etc.
Powered by BuildingSocialEquity, Let'sGetSocial is a social bookmarking tool which provides 3 different types of button widgets. Two of them have similar features, the only difference is the design of the button. The other one is a "Connect with Me" widget which you can add over 40 personal social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, etc. to your website. This lets your loyal readers socialize and interact with you on popular social platforms.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Linux kernel 2.6 on Iphone

The first incident for a Linux on an Iphone. The iphone-dev team has created a new bootloader called OpeniBoot. The bootloader lets you boot into a Linux console, which you can talk to over a USB serial device. They’ve got busybox working, but there is no touchscreen support yet. The instructions are not that difficult and include how to back up your settings. It works on first and second gen iPhones and first gen iPod Touch. This is a very early port, but the future is wide open… Android iPhone?
See the embedded video..

iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo.

The latest mobiles yet to be launched

A preview of the latest high-end phones from the top leading mobile companies. This review includes videos featuring these phones
  • N97 from Nokia
  • E63 from Nokia
  • Samsung Omnia i910
  • HTC fuze
  • Blackberry Storm

Software for your Ipod

All sorts of free software to fulfill all your Ipod need, like syncing without itunes, backing up Ipod music, and much more. These mainly are result of lack of features in itunes which sometime make us feel so lame as addition of songs and stuff in an ipod is still so lame. Also once songs are gone from your itunes library and if you sync your Ipod all stuff will be deleted. So here are the solutions to your problems.


The official sofware for managing the ipod from apple. Good updates and the most safest to use as originally backed by updates from Apple itself.

Organize and browse your entire digital collection. Shop for music and more, 24/7. And enjoy it anywhere with iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.

iTunes 8 Download

MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter

Convert MP3 audiobooks to iPod audio books file format.Use your iPod's Audiobook Features.Combine multible MP3 files into a single file for seamless listening.Easy to use. Free. Open Source.

Xilisoft iPod Video Converter

Download Now (14.25MB)

Xilisoft iPod Video Converter is a powerful iPod conversion tool, easy to use. It can easily and rapidly convert popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP to iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone video with the perfect output quality.

iPod to Computer Transfer 4.6

Download Now (2.24MB)
Tested spyware free

iPod to Computer Transfer automatically transfers your iPod music/video/playlist/photos back to PC and iTunes. Sometimes when you reinstall your system or you just want to copy music from iPod to you PC, or backup all you music from iPod to a new computer, you need iPod to Computer Transfer.


vPod is a program for transferring music to your iPod from Windows. It presents a unified view of all of your music and lets you see what is and what is not already on your iPod. I think that it’s a much more intuitive interface for managing what is available on your iPod than the existing solutions.vPod is free software. It is licensed under the Free BSD license so that as many people as possible

Ipod software for Linux- gtkpod

gtkpod—Cross-platform iPod interface with a smart playlist editor
gtkpod—Cross-platform iPod interface with a smart playlist editor

gtkpod is a cross-platform interface for the iPod, with support for all iPods through the 5G and iTunes mobile phones. It features a smart playlist editor.

MediaWidget Easy iPod Transfer 4.0.16

Download Now (2.23MB)
MediaWidget can help you transfer your iPod content back onto your PC. MediaWidget is an easy to use iPod transfer utility designed to help you get your iPod contents off of any iPod and back into iTunes.

iDump 27

Download Now (799.14K)

This program will allow you copy your songs from your iPod to a PC, iDump does come wrapped in installer but you can simply drop the .exe in the root directory on your iPod and run it from there

iPod Access for Windows 4.2.5

Download Now (2.86MB)

iPod Access for Windows is an iPod/iPhone music and video transfer application for the PC. With iPod Access you have instant access to all the songs on your iPod or iPhone.


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