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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Enable Task Manager

Recently my PC was struck by a virus after much hassle i was able to remove it from my system but the Virus disabled my Task Manager. So i was much worried about that, but i found a simple and cool software that let me enable my virus disabled task manager. It was simply great.

When you get a virus that disabled your Taskmanager each time you try to open it something like this is shown. Saying " Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator". Simple tool to fix it.

Click here to download the software. Extract it using WinRAR or Winzip and just run it.

Its so simple yet so cool.

Virus disables your Task Manager by editing your registry files i also had a tutorial that tells you how to edit them and get back that TASKMANAGER but i supposed the software proved to be much more simpler but if you also wanna know about the registry edit stuff write you email in the comments.



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