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Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Tera byte disc ( 1024 GB)

Store one Tera byte(1024GB) on a single disc. Yes that's true. Researchers have found new ways to build 3-dimensional data storage techniques that could store up to a Tera Byte of information.

Right now we have the Bur-ray disc that could store up to 25GB on a single layer..and about 50 gb on a dual layer disc. The storage capability depends on the wavelength of laser's light that reads the data, smaller the better.

Exploiting three dimensions for storage opens up a great deal more space for data. Given a 532 nm laser, then the maximum storage density on a disc surface is limited to 3.5x108 bits/cm2. If data is encoded in all three dimensions, then the data density can reach as high as 6.5x1012 bit/cm3. One of the authors started looking for ways to implement this back in 1989; he and a team of chemists at the University of California, Irvine have now crafted a standard-sized optical disc in which they encoded data within hundreds of layers, where each layer is capable of holding a DVD-worth of information.
Believe having a few Terabytes of data on a single disc what the future would be ...its like Data Filled.....



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