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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Earn It for free on the internet

Here are the new services i try myself....they pay me double the old ones...

  • 5bux
  • Just click ads and you get paid for each ad you click.

  • CashFiesta
  • You get paid for displaying a small bar at you screen, leave it as it is and continue to do your work

  • Yuwie
  • Great site It pays you for making blog.. and posting posts, Its like Orkut or MySpace but it pays you for all you do on it.Go make a blog here and get paid.

hi i just figured a few ways to easy earn from the internet...
its a good thing if u have a lot of time.. and have low cost net...
well the lost of sites i selected are as follows...


Certainly the best of them all...........
well i just have t click on some links and wait for about 20-30sec. on each.. and i get paid for that...
they pay you $0.02 for each ad, that might seem small but when you click 12 ads daily and do that for a long time thats lot of money....


That is the second best , as i still hate the bar at the bottom of my screen..
here it does so by placing a bar at the bottom of ur screen and u hav to do notin but just load the bar....
an it earns for u. wile u do anythin at all
It pays about $0.6to$1 per hour...

This is the place where i have heard rags to riches stories...
This is from google and really pays a lot...
But for that u need to own a site or a blog and have to work really hard on that so that u get a lot of pageviews...


Ping Desktop / Laptop Wallpapers
Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Another good site to earn from is:


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